First off, West Coast Carts is just one weed vaporizing company you’ll find all across California and even in all 50 states. And while the rave reviews on Reddit proclaim that its products taste incredible and can get somebody very lightly buzzed, nothing has been further from the truth. It has absolutely no taste or smell and the only time I could distinguish any of its components was when I looked down at my finger. This product stunk to high heaven. I wasted money on two boxes and wasted a week’s worth of perfectly good marijuana in the process.

The reason I gave up on this product so quickly is because I decided to buy west coast cure carts online without a doubt. I have tried several different brands before and knew I would like this one. I also knew I would like it to be of a certain quality and potency. I was looking for a milder strain of weed to begin with. I wanted something with less potency so I could enjoy more of the subtle flavors of the original and not completely break my budget on expensive weed.

I have two friends who smoked California King Trees and they are my primary customer base. So I went ahead and got the one weed vaporizing machine I had been looking for. I know I have probably scoured the web and tried other brands of weed grinders, but I had nothing to go on so I just decided to try out the West Coast Carts brand.

I went through about five or six boxes of these little wonders before I found something that actually worked well for me: The West Coast Cartridges. These are simply a fantastic product. I liked the unique feel of them as well as the premium thc oil that they use. My buds stayed fresher longer and the grind made them taste great. They are very consistent in their performance, which is something that I appreciate as someone who does not have a lot of time to sit around waiting for my favorite strains to get ready.

My friend and I are both avid “growers” and to be honest, not too many people have really thought about buying these little machines. They are really easy on the wallet and I even managed to save money on them because I got them in bulk. I definitely recommend getting one of the West Coast Carts if you are a fan of good weed and want to give your buds some added staying power.

If you do not care for the unique feel of the West Coast Carts, you can always stick to the normal grinders. You are just going to waste a lot of your bud by using the normal ones, as you will notice with the smell. My bud collection has gotten way bigger since I got the West Coast Cart and I highly recommend getting one or more of them so that you have the ability to enjoy your medication from any place you want. There are many things that you could be taking while out on your day. Some people are just not sure which is which, but with the West Coast Carts everything is covered no matter what. You are just going to have to stock up on them, as they are not going to run out anytime soon.


The West Coast Cart – The Best Weed Easily Considered